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Relax Spa

Where You Matter Most

(716) 946-3466

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Massage Treatments

Deep Tissue / Therapeutic

This treatment is directed toward specific trigger points of muscular tension and imbalance. All deep tissue treatments have use of  hot stones, cupping hot and cold therapy. Whether you need direct firm pressure and or stretching, we will work with you to loosen up your muscles and increase circulation to keep your whole body supple. Great for after workout.

30 minutes - $50

50 minutes  - women - $85   men -$95

80 minutes -  women - $110 men- $120

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage focuses on the special needs of the mother-to-be as her body goes through the dramatic changes of pregnancy. It enhances the function of muscles and joints, improves circulation,and relieves mental and physical fatigue. Bolsters are used to position the client for optimal comfort.

30 minutes - $50

50 minutes - $80

Relax Swedish Massage

A Soothing and relaxing massage using light to medium pressure to create a sense of well-being. This technique helps to increase circulation, relieve muscle tension, soreness and most of all stress. .

30 minutes - $45

50 minutes - $75

80 minutes - $100

2 hour - $200

Hot Stone Massage 

Depending on your needs, natural stone therapy can unlock tension deep within the muscles, relieve stress, or help you achieve total relaxation. Includes an essential oil of your choice.

60 minute - $95

90 minute - $135

Children's Massage (Ages 5-12)

Whether they are active in sports or have stress and anxiety or just enjoy being pampered, Massage is great for all ages. (Must be accompanied by a parent.) Parents you will learn take home techniques that will last a lifetime.

20 minute - $15

25 minute - $20

35 minute - $30

Signature Massage 

Truly unwind with our Signature Massage. This Massage begins with an aromatherapy foot soak and a heated neck wrap, followed with a customized massage, with the pressure that suits your needs. Hot towel compresses to your back, neck and feet (with callus treatment for feet), and an essential oil of your choice are included.

70 minute session - $120

90 minute session - $160